YogaMantra Your personal goal-based yoga coach. -

YogaMantra Your personal goal-based yoga coach.

Your personal goal-based yoga coach. Select your health goal to start your preventive healthcare journey with Yoga. Weight loss, fat burn %38 toning, General fitness and endurance, PCOS/PCOD management, Chronic pain relief, De-stress and improved sleep, Migraine, Asthma, Diabetes %38 Thyroid.90% of members had significant weight loss irrespective of their age, gender and intensity level.

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Yoga For Diabetes Program

Are you looking for an effective way to manage your diabetes• If so, you may want to consider joining a yoga for diabetes program. Check out our program!! It offers a variety of benefits for people with diabetes, including improved blood sugar control and reduced risk of complications. Yoga For Diabetes Program is a 12-week program. It offers you all the information and guidance on how to use yoga as an effective way of managing your diabetes.