YogaMantra Your personal goal-based yoga coach. -

YogaMantra Your personal goal-based yoga coach.

Your personal goal-based yoga coach. Select your health goal to start your preventive healthcare journey with Yoga. Weight loss, fat burn %38 toning, General fitness and endurance, PCOS/PCOD management, Chronic pain relief, De-stress and improved sleep, Migraine, Asthma, Diabetes %38 Thyroid.90% of members had significant weight loss irrespective of their age, gender and intensity level.

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Yoga For Hypertension Program

Do you have high blood pressure• Are you looking for a way to lower it without medication• If so, yoga may be the answer for you. Yoga is an effective way to lower blood pressure, and our new Yoga for Hypertension Program can help you get started. Yoga for Hypertension Program aims to provide a one-stop solution for all those who are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure and want to manage their condition naturally with yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). The Yoga for Hypertension Program is not just another yoga class. The program has been designed by experts after a detailed study of yoga asanas and pranayama that help in lowering blood pressure.