Mathieu Plier, How to use mathieu pliers, needle holder

Stidental Instruments usa Sell complete range of Orthodontic pliers, Orthodontic Cutters, Orthodontic mathieu pliers, Orthodontic Tools, dental instruments, dental scissors, dental forceps, dental scalers, dental curettes, bone files etc visit for order: Stidental offer the finest quality Mathieu Needle Holder with below strong features. ⦁ Strong grip to elastic ligature, no slip guarantee. ⦁ Engaging the steel ligature. ⦁ German made Tungsten Carbide TC insert.0 ⦁ Dry head sterilizations. ⦁ Life time warranty, no rust guarantee. ⦁ Money back guarantee. ⦁ Secure payment by paypal. For more detail, please watch the video and visit our web link. Web product link. Youtube link.
  • Mathieu Plier, How to use mathieu pliers, needle holder
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