Irish Drinking Song - Patrick McNally's - by Sam Stokes

MP3 purchase link: Sheet Music purchase link: Video of this song with on-screen lyrics is available at: NOTE: This song is for entertainment purposes only - I do not wish to promote the use of alcohol. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly, and please for the safety of yourself and others, do not drink and drive! This is the song "Patrick McNally's" by Sam Stokes. It is a fun Irish drinking song. Enjoy! Comments are welcome, but must be approved first to ensure that no derogatory or offensive language is used, however you are entitled to your own opinion. So rest assured that I will approve comments whether or not you like the song, as long as no derogatory or offensive language is used. -Lyrics- At Patrick McNally's you'll find what you need Each patron will raise you his glass. The barkeep's a right jolly fellow indeed. Just tip him or he'll kick your . . . CHORUS: Well, we drink and we laugh and sometimes we do fight And then we'll sing a song and we'll make it alright And we'll all go home friends at the end of the night And sleep long past break of daylight. Old Thomas would stay here all night if he could but leaves when his old lady calls. He knows if he doesn't, his old lady would Give him a swift kick in the . . . CHORUS: The barmaid's a sweet lass with long golden hair. She works hard and she never quits. The barfly's all eye her but also beware She'll punch you if you grab her . . . CHORUS: Sometimes when big Seamus has too many beers he goes off and throws a huge fit. He'll grab you and lift you by both of your ears. Hurts so much you'll scream "holy . . ." CHORUS: And when little Ian gets into the brawl he thrashes around like a buck. He then will proceed to get beaten by all And you'll hear him shouting "oh . . ." CHORUS: And on Sunday morning the preacher begins And, oh, he's got stories to tell how Patrick McNally and all of his friends will someday be burning in . . . CHORUS: -Chord Changes- Chord Changes to "Patrick McNally's" by Sam Stokes Intro: G G F#m Em7 | A7 A7 D D | Verses: D Bm Em/G F#m | Em/G A7 D D | D Bm Em/G F#m | Em/G A7 A A | Chorus: D Em/G D A | D Em/G D A | G G F#m Em | A7 A7 D D | ALTERNATE TITLES: Canción de taberna irlandesa 爱尔兰的饮酒歌。 愛爾蘭的飲酒歌。 Ierse drinklied. Chanson à boire irlandaise. Irischen Trinklied. Ιρλανδικό τραγούδι πόσιμο. आयरिश पीने के गीत. Amhrán óil na hÉireann. Brindisi irlandese. アイルランドの酒宴の歌。 아일랜드어 마시는 노래. Canção de beber irlandês. Piosenka picia irlandzkie. Ирландский застольная песня. Irländsk dricka song. Ірландський застільна пісня. Cân yfed Iwerddon.
  • Irish Drinking Song - Patrick McNally's - by Sam Stokes

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