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Safety Up is a motivational safety speaking company which offers health and safety motivational talks to workforces throughout the UK in order to promote safety at work. Lots of companies in the UK have benefitted from hiring motivational speakers as they provide real life examples of how an accident can have a life changing impact.

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About Safety Up

Dylan Skelhorn worked as a Solid Fuel Heating Engineer for a small company who specialised in Chimney work and Roofing where most of his work was at height. In June 2011, he was deployed to service a chimney and while standing on the chimney stack, it collapsed from underneath him. He fell head first down a pitched roof, knocking over an unsecured extension ladder and fell a total of 33 feet, landing on a brick wall and sustaining severe multiple life-changing injuries.

His pelvis was broken on both sides, he broke two ribs and punctured his right lung which have left him in severe lifelong pain. He now takes a cocktail of drugs every day to control his pain and hasn’t been able to return to physical work since.

Dylan has been working as a Motivational Safety Speaker since 2014, sharing his story to try and prevent others having life-changing accidents which he is very determined and passionate about. He is involved in projects to prevent Working At Height injuries and deaths but his story is relevant in any sector because it is about a life-changing accident and not just about a fall from height. His story is a harsh reminder to those in all industries and at every level that unfortunately these incidents are still happening today.

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