Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Laboratories

Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Laboratories

What We Do!

Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Lab is family owned with 70 years of experience supplying dentists and orthodontists with Orthodontic appliances. Ordonts lab designs and fabricates a wide range of orthodontic appliances including Invisible trays and Removable & Fixed Appliances of all kinds!!

Our Services

  • 3D Portal Upload
  • Fixed Appliances
  • Removable Appliances
Phone: 800-325-3698

About Ordont Orthodontic Appliance Laboratories

Ordont is a small, family owned, highly focused custom orthodontic appliance lab. We know most of our customers personally. We believe that it is better to more fully and better serve the needs of fewer numbers of customers, rather than trying to be all things to a huge number of customers. And, even though we have purposely chosen to stay smaller, our professionalism and the quality of the products and services we provide, rival any that you will find anywhere – including the largest labs in the country.

We believe in staying focused on the simple orthodontic appliance needs of general dentists. Therefore, serving the orthodontic appliance needs of general dentists is our only business. It is all we have done for 70 years in the business – and it is all we will ever do.

Our Location:

1755 Smizer Station Road
Fenton, Missouri 63026 US

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