Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing

Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing

What We Do!

Our Edmonton search engine optimization & internet marketing team provides clients with results-based search optimization services. We ensure web pages are more relevant to search engines, ultimately increasing targeted traffic to websites.

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About Andy Kuiper Internet Marketing

Andy Kuiper leads a small team that provides search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO) in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Andy and his team help small to medium-sized businesses and organizations market their services and goods on the internet via on-website and off-website optimization techniques. Most of Andy’s SEO clients are located in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, Canada. What sets Andy’s SEO team apart is their experience, expertise, and ethical business practices. Andy has put together a small group of gifted professionals from around Western Canada who know how to program, build links and citations, modify data, and implement each of the over 50 modifications most websites will need to rank well on Google and garner targeted search engine traffic to their websites.

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