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Hemp Flower CBD

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Our story begins with the founder and CEO Kyle Scott. Kyle stumbled upon hemp flower by accident! After living in Europe for almost 8 years he decided to return home to the US and help his family with their restaurant located in downtown Orlando. While working there he went shopping for hookahs for an event at the restaurant. Upon entering a hookah retailer he stumbled upon the CBD section of the store. He inquired with the store owner to see if those products were legal and in fact they were. Kyle then placed a $500 order with the store owner and decided to see if there was a market for the products. He tested this by placing the products on the Facebook marketplace. Within 24 hours he had sold all the products and had earned a 100% return on investment! (100% invested funds and 100% profit). And like that Dr. Strains CBD was created.

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  • CBD Topicals
  • Accessories
  • Delta 8 Hemp Flower
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About Hemp Flower CBD

In the end of 2019 Dr. Strains CBD won an award for “Best Hemp Flower” at the 2019 CBD East Expo.

Our humble award winning brand starts in Orlando, Florida. We began Dr. Strains CBD with one simple motto “Quality cbd flower at an affordable price”.

Whether it be the end customer or a purchasing agent from a chain of vape stores; Dr. Strains treats every individual with the same level of expertise and strives to live up to our motto.

The CBD flower market is plagued with overpricing and many companies do not take the time to actually think about their customer. We at Dr. Strains CBD have.

We pride ourselves in our products pricing as well as it’s quality! We know that there are tough times ahead for America and it’s Americans and are proud to offer products starting from $3.79! Shop Now

We believe in supplying the freshest organic hemp flower as well as other hemp products at extremely competitive prices.

Our products are always lab tested, and are always 100% organic! We pride ourselves in ensuring every single product is hand selected by us exclusively for our customers!

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697 N Semoran Blvd,
Azalea Park, Florida 32807 US

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