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Pedestrians are arguably the most vulnerable people on the roads, as they do not have the safety features offered by motor vehicles. If you were hurt while walking and need a pedestrian accident attorney in Seattle, contact Russell & Hill, PLLC for a free case assessment. They have a team of top-rated attorneys, who offer outstanding legal representation to help you win or settle your case.

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About Russell & Hill, PLLC

James V Hill, attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC, is a lifelong Washingtonian and has spent time calling both sides of the Cascades “home.” Jim has devoted his law practice to helping people obtain the benefits and compensation they deserve, both in personal injury cases as well as social security disability claims.

After graduating with academic honors from Seattle University School of Law, Jim went to work at a law firm that provided legal defense for multiple insurance companies. Working as a lawyer for the insurance companies provided valuable experience and insight into how insurance companies do business, how they value claims, and what they look for when litigating a claim against a plaintiff.

In 2002, with the knowledge and information he learned working as an insurance defense attorney, Jim transitioned his legal practice to focus solely on representing injured people against the insurance companies. Jim’s experience working for insurance companies has given him the knowledge to bring a successful claim for injury and the insight to avoid the pitfalls that exist in the settlement and litigation process. Jim has successfully represented thousands of Washingtonians in personal injury claims.

In 2005, Jim Hill had a handful of personal injury clients ask him for help with their applications for Social Security Disability benefits. After successfully helping these clients obtain disability benefits, Jim noticed similarities between the two areas of legal practice. In both instances, injured people needed help fighting for the compensation that they deserved against entities much larger than an individual – whether the fight was against an insurance company or the federal government. Out of that experience grew a passion to help people with disabilities obtain their rightful benefits.

When a physical or mental health condition leaves a person unable to work on a full time, sustained basis, Jim represents the client in all proceedings with the Social Security Administration to get his clients the disability benefits they need and deserve. Most clients have a hearing in front of a federal administrative law judge, and Jim makes sure that his cases are prepared thoroughly and presented in a manner that will best deliver a favorable ruling.

Jim Hill continues to be busy with his vibrant and growing law practice at Russell & Hill, PLLC. He splits his time representing hundreds of local people in both personal injury claims and disability claims.

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