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Smilepoint Dental is a family-oriented dental practice in Singapore that offers teeth whitening procedures at fair prices. The purpose of this treatment is to lighten the natural colour of the teeth without removing any of their structure. Teeth whitening procedures at Smilepoint Dental can help any patient who has stained teeth from age, coffee, tea or smoking. The clinic provides both options - in-office teeth whitening and teeth whitening home kits. At Smilepoint Dental, an in-office procedure takes around an hour and usually gives immediate outcomes. However, it is typically more expensive than purchasing teeth whitening kits.

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Smilepoint Dental is a dental practice that is conveniently located at Holland Village, Singapore. As a full-service dental clinic, it has oral surgeons and periodontists on staff who are specialists in dental implants placement. Dental implants are devices designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. They are used to support dentures, bridges or crowns. Implants are usually placed in the jawbone through surgery. Dental implant procedure at Smilepoint Dental involves consultation where a dentist assesses the area which has missing teeth and takes an X-ray and after a period of time, places the implant. The procedure of placement is normally divided into two stages. At the first stage, the implant is placed under the gum line and left to heal. A few months or longer may be required for healing. The second stage consists of exposing the top of the implant and placing healing abutment in. When the implant has integrated smoothly into the bone, a crown is then attached to the implant.

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