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Moneyquest Corp is a leading commercial debt collection agency for USA businesses that provides overdraft recovery and delinquent fund services for Organizations and individuals. At Moneyquest Corp, our commercial debt collectors are committed to giving you a personalized, full-service experience when we help recover your lost debts. Serving businesses of all sizes and industries, our top-rated debt collections agents are equipped to help you.

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  • Commercial Collection Agency
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  • MaxCollect Recovery Service

About Moneyquest Corp

MoneyQuest Corporations MaxCollect Accounts Receivable System

Who We Are

The Moneyquest Corporation was formed by a group of seasoned Accounts Receivable Consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in the accounts receivable field. Our mission was to bring about a change in performance in the collection field. We have now proven that the National Service Bureau concept can collect more money, faster, and for less cost by synergistically combining the right components, including billing, the impact of an attorney, and the impairment of credit. Even more impressive is the fact that all this is provided for a cost of, literally, pennies on the dollar.

What We Do

Moneyquest Corp allows its clients to outsource and integrate their accounts receivable function with attorneys and the credit bureau, while maintaining complete control of their accounts. This integrated process is called MaxCollect, and it gives the average business the impact it needs to re-prioritize their customers payment behavior. Instead of being last on the list, or not making the list at all, MoneyQuests clients are paid first. The MaxCollect process begins upon receipt of the account information from the client. This can be via a form that MQ provides, data exchange or a simple copy of a client statement or invoice. Once this is received a database is created, a delinquent billing fee is added, and we begin our mailings on your behalf. The difference between the MaxCollect contact and that of the clients typical request for payment is that now the request has the impact of the attorney and the credit bureau. The first debtor contact, on your letterhead, is very diplomatic. It states how you value the relationship, and indicates the addition of a delinquent billing fee.


MoneyQuest has perfected what debt collection agencies still have absolutely no clue about. We collect about six times more money for a cost of as little as 5 cents per dollar collected, 4X faster, and save hours of clerical work.

MaxCollect Recovery for Debt Collection

MaxDraft Overdraft Recovery Service


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