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ApolloMD - Emergency Medicine Scholarship

ApolloMD - Emergency Medicine Scholarship

What We Do!

ApolloMD knows the future of healthcare lies in the hands of the dedicated resident physicians. You work hard to learn the practice of medicine, so we want to make the financial burden easier. We have developed an annual scholarship that will be awarded to one outstanding resident intending to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine. To qualify for the ApolloMD Emergency Medicine Scholarship, you must be a member in good standing of a US allopathic or osteopathic medical school and applying for a position in Emergency Medicine within the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) match or currently training in an Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Points will be awarded for scholarly achievement, leadership, and service to medical organizations as well as community service. Your essay should discuss why you are passionate about the field of Emergency Medicine. Notice: A check in the amount of $1,000 will be sent to the Financial Aid office of the attended university of the winning applicant. The deadline for submissions is June 15th.

Our Services

  • Emergency Medicine Staffing Company
  • Hospital Medicine Services Partner
  • Anesthesia Services Partner
  • Radiology Services and Scheduling
  • Multispeciality Service
  • Proprietary Technology Platforms
Phone: 770-874-5400

About ApolloMD - Emergency Medicine Scholarship

With more than 30 years of experience in emergency medicine, hospital medicine, anesthesia, and radiology, ApolloMD has grown into one of the most successful firms in the clinical outsourcing services industry, treating millions of patients each year in hospitals and health systems across the country.

Multispecialty Solutions for Hospitals & Health Systems

ApolloMD offers leading multispecialty solutions for hospitals through a unique structure focused on exceptional clinical operations and enhanced patient care. Emphasizing quality, efficiency, communication, and patient experience, ApolloMD works collaboratively with partner facilities to implement best practices and process improvement across the board.

As the healthcare marketplace grows increasingly complex, hospitals and health systems are turning to trusted partners to ensure the provision of value-based, cost-effective patient care. With a multispecialty focus and a network of national resources, ApolloMD offers scalable solutions for hospitals. We provide leadership development and support to our clinical teams utilizing comprehensive quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. This collaborative approach optimizes operational backing, department/clinician alignment, and clinical quality, enhancing the patient experience from home to home.

Physician & Advanced Practice Clinician Ownership

ApolloMD’s status as a privately held, physician and APC-owned and led practice offers several advantages to hospital partners. With no outside stakeholders, ApolloMD is accountable and responsible solely to hospital clients, partners, physicians, and APCs.

Every full-time physician and APC is offered the opportunity to invest in the practice through ApolloMD Partners, Inc. The program offers an increased potential return on investment over time. This unique offering supports recruitment and retention efforts, attracting high-quality clinicians while promoting teamwork and collaboration across all specialties.

Highly Effective Transition Process

With a strong ability to retain physicians and a highly effective transition process, ApolloMD has successfully transitioned more than fifty contracts in the past five years. In order to facilitate the startup process, we developed a systemized approach to contract transitions, utilizing a 105-point interdepartmental checklist. When awarded a new contract, the transition process is kicked off immediately, with ApolloMD’s dedicated transition team on-site at the hospital within 24 to 48 hours of an announcement to meet with existing clinicians.

In addition to a proven contract management process, ApolloMD’s recruitment and retention expertise allow for smooth contract transitions. Our experienced clinical recruitment team works closely with local leadership and hospital administration to identify and hire physicians and APCs well-suited for each individual facility. We maintain a sizable pool of STRIKE Travel Team members who can provide interim coverage during start-ups and periods of unforeseen staffing shortages.

Clinician Alignment

ApolloMD was founded on the idea of clinician alignment, and this concept remains a cornerstone of the company today. Our unique compensation model aligns the incentives of our clinicians with the goals and initiatives of the hospitals and health systems we serve. In addition to a volume-based component that promotes the efficient practice, ApolloMD’s model also includes our unique Quality Partner Incentive (QPI). The QPI accounts for approximately 20% of physician compensation and includes:

*Core Measure Compliance
*Clinical and Professional Quality
*Patient, Nursing, and Medical Staff Satisfaction
*Citizenship and Teamwork

ApolloMD empowers our Regional Presidents and Medical Directors to track progress on these measures, actively engage hospital Peer Review, Quality, & Grievance Committees, and collaborate with medical and nursing staff to ensure these objectives are met.

Our Location:

5665 New Northside Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30328 US

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