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What We Do!

We help businesses to innovate with industry best practices and recommendations. Never fail to get an expert opinion again. Our platform gets you the right combination of the best IT team depending on your project and skill requirements. A single IT service company may not have the expertise in all aspects of software development or on multiple technologies. Our platform is trying to achieve this multi-expertise by bringing in all the expert companies together.

Our Services

  • application development
  • data analytics and insights
  • digital strategy
  • SEO
  • quality engineering
  • quality assurance
Phone: +91 790 710 9679

About Extended GT

You get the best resources selected from the top IT service companies across the world and we help you manage them. We make sure your product knowledge is not tied to a single IT service provider and you can easily add or replace any team with us.

Project-Based Resourcing

Get rid of the hassles of recruiting full-time staff by opting for Project-Based Resourcing services from ExtendedGT. We source highly-talented & well-seasoned professionals on-demand to help you build scalable solutions and enhance your team’s performance within the stipulated time.

Contract Professional

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing from the talented pool of skilled professionals apt for your projects. Ranging from short-term to long-term projects, we provide the best-fit prospects qualified to meet your unique business goals. Try our *Right-to-Hire option to make risk-free recruitment!

Dedicated Remote Engineers

Build a new team with our dedicated remote engineers either by scaling up or scaling down your existing team so that you get the right expertise, increased performance, and reduced cost, no matter the complexity of your project.

Managed Service Provider

As a full-fledged IT Service Provider, our expert team can help you manage your technical infrastructure and offer state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the smooth functioning of your systems. Our holistic approach streamlines the entire process and reduces operational costs, and guarantees minimal downtime.

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HMT Industrial Estate
Kochi, 683503 IN

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