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Microdent Dentistry - Microscope Enhanced Dental Clinic

What We Do!

Welcome to Microdent Dentistry, a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Pune, where we provide the full spectrum of multi-specialty dental care and expertise for patients through extensive treatment procedures. For the Past 6 Years, we're satisfactorily serving patients from Root Canals, Routine Dental Care, Smile Makeovers, Dental Implants, Child Dental Care. Our Dental Clinic is located in the Nal stop, Heart of the Pune city. The environment of our dental clinic will give a peaceful and welcoming which makes the patient comfortable and fear-free. If you're looking for the best dental clinic in Pune for any kind of dental treatment, then do look further. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you to make your dream smile!

Our Services

  • dental x ray
  • dental implants
  • root canal
  • dental clinic
  • dentistry
  • endodontist
  • micrcodent dentistry
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About Microdent Dentistry - Microscope Enhanced Dental Clinic

Located in the heart of Pune city, we are designed to be different from dentists. A modern practice, we believe our patients are entitled to the best dental care available. Our skilled team of dental professionals is committed to providing patients with an exceptional experience from start to finish. To this end, we offer a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art procedures, from routine care to full mouth reconstruction with the latest & modern technologies with unparalleled charm. Microdent Dentistry exceeds expectations both in dental treatment & comfort. A team of enthusiastic & energetic dental professionals isend6d always available to provide the best possible dental services. This is the perfect place for a complete solution to all dental problems.

Our Mission

To be the preferred dental care provider in every neighborhood across Pune by offering high-quality healthcare. Microdent Dentistry offers a comprehensive set of oral healthcare services, leverages best-in-class equipment, and utilizes the latest pain-management technology to provide healthcare of the highest quality.

• Our mission is to provide the highest quality lifetime dental care in a professional, caring, and pleasant environment

• To provide the highest quality dental care in a relaxed, secure and safe atmosphere.

• We strive for the most outstanding results possible for our patients.

• To provide quality and restful for a lifetime of dental excellence for people of all ages.

• You will receive a truly remarkable, relaxing experience while we focus on your comfort.

Our Location:

Ground Floor, block 4, Sarvadarshan Co-op Housing Society Ltd Abhinav Chowk, Karve Rd, opp. Saraswat Bank, Nal Stop, Pune, Maharashtra 411004
Pune, 411004 IN

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