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Have you ever heard of pure plant-based products that have gemstones as one of their ingredients? If it's a first for you, we highly recommend one of our chosen collections from fifth and root, a cooling mask with added moonstone known to absorb and remove negativity. Had a not-so-great week? This facial will knock the bad vibes right out of your body! Other than that, DermRepublic has an array of skincare products, all organic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free! These products are sourced from reputable companies all over the world, assuring you only the purest ingredients are added. Visit our site at or leave us a message at today! We locate at: 38 Costa Tropical Dr, Henderson, NV 89011 USA. Call us: (702) 622-6261.

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About DermRepublic

Organic-Based and Non-GMO

Been looking for that all-organic make-up product to use on your sensitive skin? What you've been searching for might be with us! On our site, we have an array of collections that are organic-based and non-GMO, such as the Kari Gran Collection! Beauty doesn't have to pay the price here at DermRepublic.

The Most Reputable Companies

As a company that wishes to uphold skincare and beauty in a purely organic way, we only pick the most reputable companies to source. We personally contact our sellers and do thorough research on each of their products in order to offer our customers the cream of the crop. Visit our site at, or email your questions at

Clean, Plant-Based Products

When it comes to caring for yourself and your skin it's not only important to what you put IN your body it's just as important to put CLEAN, PLANT-BASED products ON your body. Once you experience the luxuriousness of using Mother Earths' gifts as a part of your regular skincare regime you will realize that nature is the key to wellness. DermRepublic is committed to bringing you high-performance Plant-Based Skincare that is Cruelty-Free and Earth Friendly. Come here for calming, healing, and skin-perfecting products and connect back to nature with a new perspective on Clean Beauty.

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38 Costa Tropical Dr
Henderson, Nevada 89011 US

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