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What We Do!

Pristine Aircon Cleaning specializes in the cleaning as well as sanitizing split systems and window box units, removing unwanted and unsanitary elements from the unit making sure that you breathe healthier air that is clear and free from mold and bacteria. They are a family run and Australian-owned business operating all throughout Brisbane. When you select Pristine Aircon Cleaning for your service, you're selecting a team of professionals with a prime focus on giving an exceptional quality service and 100% customer satisfaction - guaranteed. Our target is to make everyone informed regarding the importance of getting your air conditioning unit cleaned on a regular basis.

Our Services

  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air-con servicing
  • Air-con cleaning
  • air conditioner replacement
  • air-conditioning service
Phone: 0432 671 134

About Pristine Aircon Cleaning

Australian-Owned and Family-Operated Business

Pristine Aircon Cleaning is a group of aircon cleaning specialists servicing Brisbane and its greater suburbs. We’re an Australian-owned and family-operated business located in Brisbane. We specialize in the cleaning service of split type air-conditioners and window box units.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Pristine Air-con Cleaning, you’re choosing a team dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service. Our goal is to work hard and leave you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our mission is to make everyone aware of how important it is to get your air conditioner cleaned, for you and your family’s health, and for the unit itself.

Please browse through our website to see the many benefits of an air-con clean, and check out our videos and photographs of air-cons we have cleaned before!!

You will be amazed what can come out of an air-conditioner.

Air-con Cleaning is more detailed and more effective than air-conditioning servicing. We make the old new again!

Thinking about replacing your old air-conditioner? No need! Even 20-year-old air-conditioners can look, feel, smell and work like brand new after being professionally cleaned by Pristine Air-con Cleaning.

Our Location:

Brisbane QLD
Brisbane, AU

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