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Hygiene Labs™ is a market-leading company focusing on the development, testing, and deployment of advanced antimicrobial technologies to a broad range of sectors including consumer, commercial, industrial, and healthcare. Our head office is in Sydney Australia, supporting a global network of partners across Europe, India, South East Asia, and Africa. One of the biggest challenges public transport providers face is developing consistent and continuous disinfection protocols. Traditional cleaning products, many of which contain alcohol, have no lasting efficacy once applied. Hygiene Lab offers a new suite of fast-acting disinfection treatments designed to provide greater protection to the traveling public for extended periods of time.

Our Services

  • transport
  • gyms
  • hospitality
  • cruise line
  • food hygiene
  • health care
  • facilities management

About Hygiene Labs

Hygiene Lab uses a 5th generation SiQuat technology to deliver high performance, a broad-spectrum antibacterial, and odor protection. This technology is an alternative treatment and the way it kills germs is by ‘lysis’ and not by using toxic chemicals.

Killing Germs In A Mechanical Way

Once applied, Hygiene Labs Microbial Shield forms an invisible protective barrier. It acts as a layer of microscopic pins that coats the surface. Attracting germs and killing them upon contact by piercing and rupturing their cell walls. This means it’s killing germs in a ‘mechanical’ way, rather than toxic.

Latest Innovations To Help In Infection Prevention and Control

All currently known superbugs are defenseless against our cell wall rupture technology, yet safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment. This SiQuat technology has been laboratory tested by leading microbiological institutions across the globe. Our product range includes skin sanitizers and TGA listed surface disinfectants that are based around the use of this groundbreaking technology. As such our antimicrobial suite of products are the most technologically advanced hand sanitizers and surface disinfectants in use anywhere in the world today. We provide the latest innovations specifically tailored to the individual country or market needs. These are the most effective solutions to help in infection prevention and control today.

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