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What We Do!

iValue Lab is one of America’s leading jewelry and diamond buyers with over 20 years of experience. Join thousands of satisfied sellers who choose to sell their diamonds and jewelry to receive the best possible prices. We assure you that you are selling your jewelry and diamonds to a trusted company. We offer a fast, fair, professional, and risk-free service.

Our Services

  • Rings
  • Diamonds
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Watches
Phone: (646) 481-3998

About iValue Lab

We are one of America’s leading independent purchasers of fine estate jewelry, directly connected with multiple international diamond markets. We have a history in the diamond industry that spans more than 20 years, with an online presence that began in 2017.

Backed by decades of professionalism, we are in a better position to assist you than many in today’s diamond buying industry. With our expertise, the latest technology, and a desire to provide our customers with uniquely personal customer service, you’re promised a winning experience.

Regardless of the size or volume of your jewelry, we’re here to help.

Our Location:

875 Third Ave Ste L107 New York, NY 10022
New York, New York 10022 US

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