INKredible Scalp

INKredible Scalp

What We Do!

Scalp Micropigmentation NYC clinic in the tristate area to offer both permanent and semi-permanent work for its Clients. Our philosophy is such that we believe in people and results.

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Phone: 2129339465

About INKredible Scalp

INKredible Scalp is the 1st and only With the latest equipment, top pigments, and practitioners who not only love what they do, but also now first-hand how people are feeling before walking through the doors, INKredible Scalp aims to change the way people feel about hair loss. As an organization, we strive for authenticity. If we do not whole-heartedly believe SMP is the best option for someone, we tell them and explain the reasoning behind it. We don’t strive for sales, we strive to change peopl recommend the most suitable type for each patient or client, of course.

Our Location:

New York, New York 10036 US

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