AZ Sex Crimes Attorney

AZ Sex Crimes Attorney

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Thank you for visiting us on SearchMonster! AZ Sex Crimes Attorney is a top-rated Arizona sex crime defense law firm. We provide aggressive and personalized legal representation to build a solid case strategy.

Our Services

  • Sexual Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse Defense Attorney
  • Sexual Assault & Rape Defense Lawyer
  • Indecent Exposure Defense Lawyer
  • Public Sexual Indecency Defense Lawyer
  • Sexual Misconduct With A Minor Defense Attorney
  • Child Molestation Defense Attorney
  • Solicitation & Prostitution Defense Lawyer
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About AZ Sex Crimes Attorney

Your case will be handled by a former Arizona prosecutor with vast experience and knowledge of the justice system. Sex crime charges can have serious, long-lasting consequences on your relationships, family, career, and reputation. Thats why hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer is in your best interest. Defend your rights and freedom from sex crime misdemeanors and felonies, including:

Sexual Abuse&Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Sexual Assault&Rape Charges

Indecent Exposure Charges

Public Sexual Indecency Charges

Sexual Misconduct with a Minor Charges

Child Molestation Charges

Solicitation&Prostitution Charges

Sexual Harassment Charges

There are several key elements in a sexual offense case, like consent or the alleged victims age. Our experienced sex crime defense lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation by collecting all types of evidence and interviewing witnesses. Arizona has very strict penalties regarding sex crime convictions like serving a long prison sentence, paying hefty fines or reparations, and being registered as a sex offender. We believe everyone deserves high quality legal counseling and representation, regardless of their offenses. Our criminal defense law office will achieve the best possible results on your sex crime case.

Get in touch with AZ Sex Crimes Attorney and schedule a free confidential case evaluation. Get the comprehensive and results-driven legal defense you deserve. Call us today at (480) 676-1919 or visit us online at

AZ Sex Crimes Attorney

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Phone: (480) 676-1919



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