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Looking for a self-defense martial art training center in the USA. Here, You can join the Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Westchase. Which helps you to maintain your body and fitness. Visit us to know more about it. Strengthen Body and Soul -- A total fitness workout! Reduce stress, Increase mobility, learn self-defense. Stay motivated to attain your GOALS! If you are looking for a total fitness experience you have found it! It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to exercise, a former athlete, or just want to switch up your current routine. Every class is a mental and physical workout. You will get cardio, stretching, strengthening, and power techniques. With regular training, you will reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility. You will become faster, stronger, and more focused. Your energy and confidence will improve as well. This will help you become more productive at work.

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About Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Westchase

TaeKwon-Do is often described as the art of kicking and punching. TaeKwon-Do furthermore is an ancient Korean art. It is a stand-up self-defense martial art. It is intended to develop the person- Mind, Body, and Spirit. When practiced as intended TaeKwon-Do is a rigorous, balanced full-body workout. When taught, understood, and properly executed is energizing while still powerful.TaeKwon-Do is considered to be a beautiful art form that has both power and Grace. The patterns or “Hyongs” provide mental discipline while also improving memory.


Kwan Jang-Nim Gerhard Brunner was born in Munich, Germany, and has been practicing TaeKwon-Do for over 42 years. He is currently a 7th Dan black belt and has been teaching for over 37 years. Master Brunner has gained international recognition and numerous awards throughout the years, including the Hall of Fame Award for Outstanding Traditional Leadership. After establishing nine schools in Germany he opened the first Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center in Tampa, Florida in 1997. Master Brunner was the first certified Kimoodo instructor in the United States.


No. With proper martial arts training, we teach respect, tolerance, compassion, and responsibility in what they are learning. They are taught self-protection, and preservation with physical force being the last resort.


Yes, children who have ADD, ADHD, some form of autism usually benefit greatly from the structure, consistency, and physicality of the program.

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