Cloverdale Facility Services

Cloverdale Facility Services

What We Do!

Based in Bell Park, Geelong, the Cloverdale group operates in all major cities and states in Australia. We specialise in the corporate office and commercial cleaning facility services with over 25 years of experience.

Our Services

  • Integrated Solutions
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Washroom & Hygiene Services
Phone: 1300 553 714

About Cloverdale Facility Services

Based in Bell Park, Geelong, the Cloverdale team operates in all major cities and states, from remote Indigenous communities in Australia’s north to multi-level corporate offices in Melbourne’s CBD. We have established a strong client base and reputation servicing sensitive government buildings with high security clearance thresholds.
Cloverdale Group has significant and long term experience in managing large multi-site Government cleaning contracts and have developed experience over a long and sustained period that makes us a reliable business partner on complex servicing arrangements.

Our diverse operations means that we have developed significant experience delivering services in complex and high traffic environments. We clean everything from Airports, Police Stations, Government Departments and Retail Branch Offices through to Forensic Laboratories.

Our national experience and scale have enabled us to operate as a professional and properly resourced operation. The scale that has been developed means that we are able to support our Operational staff with our Corporate Service Team, who are a group of professional staff providing skilled advice and support in such areas as Payroll, Human Resources, Logistics, IT, Accounting and Operational Planning.

Cloverdale has succeeded because we recognise that every client has different needs – every site that we manage requires a unique facility services program to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, visitors and the public. We are experienced and large enough to provide the professionalism required, whilst at the same time our business is small enough that our senior managers know our stakeholders and the servicing requirements intimately.

Our Location:

13 Tarkin Court
Melbourne, 3215 AU

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