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Located at 2 locations in Singapore, and two more locations coming soon, Supersmooth is a modern hair removal center that can bring the smooth skin you want. At the center, clients can get both waxing and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair because of its long-lasting and effective results. You can make an appointment by phone, by email, or at any of Supersmoothu2019s social media channels. The lasers used at Supersmooth are safe and modern, so even darker skin tones can enjoy their benefits without the risk of discoloration.

Our Services

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  • laser hair removal singapore
  • IPL hair removal
  • brazillian hair removal
  • facial hair removal
  • permanent hair removal
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Phone: 6562212203


Supersmooth is an aesthetic center located in Singapore that dedicates time and effort to achieve perfect, smooth skin for our customers. At Supersmooth you can get traditional waxing or remove hair with a laser. Supersmooth has several locations in Singapore and 2 more locations are prepared. The center specializes in laser hair removal – a sure way to achieve the smoothest skin. Laser hair removal will help clients achieve hair-free skin anywhere on their body including the face. The results are long-lasting and the hair that goes back is usually much finer. At Supersmooth you’ll find laser hair removal procedures that fit every skin tone too.

Our Location:

144 Robinson Road, Robinson Square #02-01
, 068908 SG

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