BMF - Baltic Machine Factory

BMF - Baltic Machine Factory

What We Do!

We at BMF - Baltic Machine Factory began operating back in 2001. A machine building- company specialized in the manufacturing and optimization of forest trailers and cranes, we’re highly specialized and our products are sold under the qualitative trademark BMF.

Our Services

  • crane Manufacturers
  • Log Loader Trailer For Sale
  • Trailer Manufacturers
  • Log Trailer Manufacturers
  • Forestry Trailer
  • Automotive
Phone: (+372) 5165036

About BMF - Baltic Machine Factory

Thanks to our all-embracing experience and thorough proficiency, we are confident in the fact that we provide our customers with machines and products not only of high excellence, but extremely resilient to long-term wear and tear. Apart from that, we also tailor-made solutions to customers with specific needs u2013 a requirement in the ever-changing marketplace we are a part of. Our overarching goal is to provide our customers with a qualitative and flexible service as well as products at the best possible price point and quality. We also design cranes for hobby and semi-professional users and their forestry. For more information or a customized quotation about Log lift Cranes, Forestry Crane, just drop us a line at

Our Location:

Arkna, Rakvere vald 44419 Estonia
, 44419 EE

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