Professional Secure Office Movers

Professional Secure Office Movers

What We Do!

Why You Choose Us:
* Professional Business Move Planning
* Office and building protection
* Full time, fully-trained, certified crews
* Eco-Friendly Movers
* Cubicle Movers and Installers
* Warehouse Moving
* Fully Licensed
* Fully Insured
* Certified Moving Consultants
* No Extra Hidden Charge
* 24/7 Service
* And Much More......

Our Services

  • heavy equipment movers
  • warehouse movers
  • cubicle movers
  • business movers
Phone: 9547728500

About Professional Secure Office Movers

Secure Moving and Storage holds 4 generations of commercial moving services expertise, being the office movers of choice by all of South Florida.
From internally moving furniture around, to relocating entire corporate headquarters, our teams have the experience, equipment, and unique approach to moving a business efficient and cost-effective.

Our philosophy is simple. We move you on time, within budget, and eliminate downtime for your business.
This starts with creating a plan to move each department as you specify, so you can stay running at an optimal level. After that we offer free training to your staff, teaching them how to pack and prepare for the move date.
You will receive a complete timeline explaining how many Professionals will be involved, the number of hours, and if necessary, how many days to move.

Our Location:

791 Shotgun Road Suite-B, Sunrise Fl 33326
Sunrise, Florida 33326 US

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