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About DMC Fitness

DMC Fitness is private gym facility in the heart of Glasgow. Our personal instructors are weight loss specialists with over three decades combined experience

Unlike commercial gyms there are no treadmills, cross trainers or static cardio equipment at DMC Fitness. Instead our personal trainers work using current research and the best appropriate equipment to help you get the best results in the quickest possible time.

In contrast to the traditional high dependency coaching model, our personal training programmes are the complete opposite. We teach you everything you need to know to be fit and healthy for life.

Our staff teach you and discuss our knowledge, empowering you to exercise on your own with confidence and achieve long lasting results.

Our team believe that everyone deserves to be happy in body, mind and spirit. That's why we concentrate on three approaches to developing fitness: physical fitness, mental fitness, and emotional fitness. By working across all three areas, a solid and lasting transformation is ensured.

Our expertise has been gained through many thousands of hours personal training and we know exactly how to rapidly improve our clients health, fitness and motivation in such a way that is sustainable and lasts for life.

If you're searching for a faddy, restrictive and boring broccoli-and-steamed-chicken type of regime then we are definitely not the right fit for you. However if you simply struggle to find the motivation to train or have difficulty remaining consistent with your healthy habits but you are hard-working and ambitious then you're a perfect fit for us.

We love to coach and share our personal training expertise. We are passionate about helping people to excel in the areas of health, fitness and motivation and would love to help you.

Our Location:

12A Sandyford Pl
Glasgow, G3 7NB GB

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