Thermography Inspection for Leak Detection

Thermography Inspection for Leak Detection

What We Do!

Established in 201 6 as a subsidiary of 3N Power. We in Digital Thermal Power is excellent in providing specialized End to End Thermography Inspection Services. By saying that, it is not just enough to highlight the problem. We believe in One-stop Inspection. We quantify the problem and solve the issue.

Here at Digital Thermal Power we believe in how important is emitted radiation to understand our environment, and yet we have successfully launched three different application since our launch in less than six months since.

Our Services

  • Automation
  • AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Thermal Camera Services
  • Leak Detection
  • Building Inspection
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About Thermography Inspection for Leak Detection

We at Digital Thermal Power believe in One Stop Inspection by quantifying and rectifying the problem. By using our advance technology and solutions, we will measure and show the thermal energy that emitted from the object that cannot see of the human eye.

At Digital Thermal Power, we produce the fastest, best and most efficient reports at a low cost. To help your business reach its goals and achieve your targets. No costly breakdowns, no waste of time. Thermal imaging cameras are the best instruments and tools to see through barriers to predict hidden problems behind.

Our Location:

Al Hudaiba Awards Building Block B, 6th Floor, Office 607 - Jumeirah Road with 2nd December Interchange
, 185176 AE

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