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WaferPro is a top tier supplier of Silicon Wafers, FZ Wafers, SOI Wafers, Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafers, Silicon Nitride Wafers and Semiconductor materials.

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  • silicon wafers
  • semiconductor
  • soi wafers
  • fz wafer
  • prime silicon wafers
  • test silicon wafers
  • SIO2 wafer
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About Worldwide supplier of silicon wafers

WaferPro is a US-based provider of semiconductor substrates and value-added services. WaferPro has built its reputation by providing the best products and services available worldwide. WaferPro produces thousands of 2", 3", 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm silicon wafers for use in semiconductor and other fabs each month. WaferPro also offers the highest purity float zone (FZ) wafers on the market, ideal for use in infrared, detectors, high-power devices, and high-efficiency solar applications. This product is available in 2" to 200mm, with resistivities above 10,000 -cm.

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410 E Santa Clara St # 518
San Jose, California 95113 US

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