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What We Do!

Data Analyzers Nashville Data Recovery is a top tier data recovery leader that provides a wide range of data recovery services to businesses and individuals in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We are experts and specialize in recovering your lost data. Whether you’re a business or an individual we take care of everyone equally and everyone is equally as important. Not only do we have tools and software others don’t, but we work in a unique data recovery facility designed to eliminate contamination and other environmental risks. Each data loss case can be unique. Data Analyzers has developed proprietary software and hardware systems that allows us to provide you with a custom data recovery solutions for all common and not so common data loss situations. Our team can retrieve critical data from virtually any device including RAIDs, hard drives, flash drives, smart phones, external hard drives, servers, databases, and more. No matter how simple or complex your case is, we have trained and certified engineers to handle your recovery.

Our Services

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • LaCie Data Recovery
  • Hitachi Data Recovery
  • Maxtor Data Recovery
  • Samsung Data Recovery
  • Seagate Data Recovery
  • Apple Data Recovery
Phone: 629-401-4585

About Data Analyzers Data Recovery Nashville

Through our involvement in the formation of the Global Data Recovery Alliance we have access to over 100 years of data recovery experience online every day. If we haven’t yet encountered a similar problem to yours, we can very quickly speak with someone else who has. This gives you the maximum possible chance of full data recovery.

Because the Global Data Recovery Alliance is an international organization of non competing Data Recovery companies, it means that we interact with fellow data recovery companies from various countries such as England, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, India and Australia on a daily bases to exchange ideas, techniques as well as joint research and development. This means that we can provide you with the best results and success in data recovery at an unmatched cost. We literally can put the combined knowledge and experience of over 200 years of data recovery from 20 nations to work for you. Now which other data recovery company can perform this?

We pride ourselves in the quality and capability of our data recovery engineers. Our team consists of a multicultural engineering group including some of the brightest minds in the field from Germany, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United States. Our team is carefully selected during an Annual event called the Hacktacular, in which Data Analyzers tests the capabilities of potential employees. In addition every member undergoes an extensive background check an adheres to the highest standards of ethics.

Our Location:

555 Marriott Dr #315
Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 37214 US

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