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What We Do!

At JAB Construction, we won't tell you we are the right choice. We will show you. As a custom Rigby home builder, Jaramie Magera and his team are unlike any other builders. They are attentive to every detail. Their dedication to honesty and communication ensures your property is built the right way from concept to completion. We want to do more than just build your new home or building. We want to build a friendship. The only way we can create your dream property is by getting to know you. With JAB, you get a company committed to three principles: honesty, communication, and follow-up. We started in 1995 and soon became Southeast Idaho's top custom builder. With JAB, you get an honest company that focuses on getting the details right. We know what it takes to ensure you’re satisfied from beginning to end. With decades of experience, let us build the home or commercial property of your dreams. The number one choice for a Rigby home builder, JAB Construction is excited to work with you!

Our Services

  • Rough Timber Accents
  • Circular Stairs
  • Wrought Iron Railing
  • State-of-the-art In-floor Heating
  • Overhead Air Conditioning
  • Stereo & Security Systems
  • Home Theater Systems
Phone: 208-745-7996

About JAB Construction

We have high standards. Each of our clients deserves top-notch work, and that is what we provide. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our commitment to our principles.

We believe that being a general contractor requires 3 important aspects:


We live in an imperfect world where problems arise. If an issue comes up, we will always speak with you about it. We believe honest communication will always help us provide the best results.

We want to build the home or commercial property of your dreams. We want to communicate with you through the entire process to ensure you know exactly what is going on. We also want to make sure you feel comfortable enough to bring up any questions or concerns that might arise. We don't want to just build a home or building, we want to build a friendship.

We will communicate with you during the entire process, but it doesn't stop there. We follow-up with clients afterward to ensure complete satisfaction with the completed project.

Our Location:

658 N 4116 E
Rigby, Idaho 83442 US

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