NeoGen Plasma - Acne Treatment Singapore

NeoGen Plasma - Acne Treatment Singapore

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NeogGen plasma regeneration is used to restore and regenerate the natural architecture of the skin. NeoGen is what transforms nitrogen gas into plasma energy which then emerges from the tool in controlled pulses and heats the skin underneath. The procedure is non-invasive. NeoGen Plasma is partnering with top aesthetic clinics in Singapore to deliver this technology to their patients. The results from this treatment are longlasting and clinical studies show that the effects can be noticed more than a year after the treatment was administered.

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About NeoGen Plasma - Acne Treatment Singapore

NeoGen plasma is very versatile and can be used to treat all sorts of skin issues - shrinking pores, tighten saggy skin or lighten pigmentation to name a few. It's a true alternative to laser treatments which makes it suitable for all types of skin and tones. The major benefit of NeoGen Plasma over lasers is that it's not a laser - it heats the underlying skin rapidly doesn't cause damage to the top skin layer. NeoGen Plasma is used by the top aesthetic clinics in Singapore for skin resurfacing and collagen stimulation in a safer and more controlled way than anything before this. Visit our website to learn more about NeoGen Plasma.

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