What We Do!

Computer support and services in Hartford, Connecticut. High-speed end user support engineers systems monitoring. Help desk unlimited remote support.

Our Services

  • Virtual CIO
  • Systems Assessment
  • Strategic IT Consultant
  • Server Support
  • Network Management
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Off-Site Backup
Phone: (860) 251-9706

About STEADfast IT

The old-fashioned way of ticket handling is a lot like your local deli-counter on a Saturday afternoon, not efficient and really frustrating.

STEADfast is on a mission to revolutionize how IT support happens. IT Support as you have known it is dead; we have a better way based on our learnings from triage teams in emergency rooms.

We employ two separate, distinct teams to address employee needs accordingly. Our internal team resolves employee needs immediately. STEADfast‘s external team focuses on longer-term projects; installation of servers, assessments, and installation. This methodology saves you time and money.

Our Location:

100 Pearl St 14th floor
Hartford, Connecticut 06103 US

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