Heart Centered Counseling

Heart Centered Counseling

What We Do!

Carl Nassar is a professional counselor who calls Fort Collins, Colorado home.
He is the founder and director of Heart Centered Counseling, a growing practice of therapists who’ve come together in Fort Collins to offer the best care available to those struggling with personal, relational, and mental health issues.

Our Services

  • Child/Teen Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Psychiatric Care Medications
Phone: 970-498-0709

About Heart Centered Counseling

Heart Centered Counselors was founded by Carl Nassar in 1999 as his private practice. When the practice grew, the name “Heart Centered Counselors ”was adopted for the entire group.

Heart Centered Counselors provides caring support for the people of Colorado. We counsel people to get them through the hard times, through the broken hearts, and through the painful emotions. We are a growing team of counselors who’ve come together to provide a comprehensive therapy practice.

Whether the work is with children, teens, adults, couples, or families, we have a therapist with just the right experience to help.

Our Location:

320 West Olive Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 US

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