Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair

What We Do!

Pyramid Credit Repair is an innovative credit repair service with a beautifully designed website and exceptional live support that will get you excited right from the start. They are known for constantly upgrading their system and coming up with new and improved ways to help their customers and provide a better and better credit repair service.

Our Services

  • Singles Plan
  • Couples plan
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Assigned Credit Expert
  • Custom Dispute Process
  • Flexible Billing
  • Personal Online Dashboard
Phone: (855) 984-1867

About Pyramid Credit Repair

Pyramid Credit Repair’s mission is to restore the faith in credit repair. We began as a self-help software based credit repair company in 2011, earning a reputation as a company people could trust to repair credit on their own. As word spread about us, Pyramid’s membership grew.

Early 2013, we introduced a new process that provided access to credit repair insights, platforms and solutions that changed lives. Ever since, we have evolved into a full service credit repair company and continue to pride ourselves in being one of nation’s most reputable credit repair company.

Today, we follow a balanced approach to credit repair though our broad footprint and continue to innovate and optimize the credit well-being of our clients.

And this is just the beginning.

We continue to help thousands of individuals and families achieve and sustain their financial goals. With each new client, one thing has remained constant: our dedication to getting to know our clients. Then we combine that with our extensive credit knowledge to become fellow partners — that’s what drives success.

We want to see you ascend back up the “credit pyramid”.

Our Location:

555 W 5th St
Los Angeles, California 90013 US

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