Kidken Edu Solutions - Montessori Material Supplier in Bangalore

Kidken Edu Solutions - Montessori Material Supplier in Bangalore

What We Do!

Kidken is a Bangalore based manufacturer and supplier of Montessori equipment and other educational aids. We have been supplying educational materials such as Montessori materials, Sensorial leaning material, Apparatus, Mathematics material, Language material, Geography materials, Zoology materials, Botany materials, Curriculum support materials, Playschool material, Nursery schools materials, to Montessori houses of children and other educational institutions in India and Asia for past 4 years. We boast about being the largest supplier of Montessori materials in India and are also linked with several prestigious chains of schools.

Our Services

  • KIdken Curriculum
  • Montessori Methodology
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Theme Based Approach

About Kidken Edu Solutions - Montessori Material Supplier in Bangalore

There are a lot of schools starting every year without having the knowledge what is required for the overall development of the child in the changing scenario in the education sector. Our experience of handling schools since last decade made us to design a curriculum which matches with technological up gradations happening in the education sector.

Our aim is to help children around the world to reach their learning potential and prepare them for future success in further education and in the workplace. What we need is to adopt new ways and new patterns of teaching so that a transformative education is provided. The child has to work in various areas designed in an innovative way so that the objectives of the curriculum can be met.

What we expect from our children is what we create for them. Hence, the vision to which we align our efforts is the most important trigger for change. Our high-quality materials and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is what makes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality.

We produce products and services that have a positive impact on learning. That’s why we combine research into our products right from the start. Then we strive to rigid research methods that provide insights into the impact of our products. We also ask our customers to understand what works in practice. All of this enables us to generate claims about a product’s impact on learner outcomes.

Our Location:

No.39, Govardhan Gardens, 1st Floor, Yelachenahalli, JC Industrial area, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560062
Bangalore, 560062 IN

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