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Fragel Law from Michigan is determined to keep you absolutely prepared for any unfortunate situations. Preparing for trial, getting all your facts right and sticking to your defense is what they will teach you to do. Leave your trust in 20 years of expert legal advising and services.

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  • Drunk Driving-OWI
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  • Defending Criminal Charges
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Attorney Fragel knows that life doesn’t stop at 5:00 p.m. He is equipped to answer urgent inquiries 24/7. When you or a loved one are in trouble, don’t wait for Monday morning. Call Michigan criminal attorney, Patrick S. Fragel, when the need is urgent.

Attorney Fragel offers phone consultations to explain the criminal law you are charged with, and the court hearings you must attend. As your criminal defense attorney, Patrick develops a strategy based on solid legal defenses. When you are arrested for drunk driving (OWI), ASSAULT, A DRUG CRIME, MEDICAL MARIJUANA OFFENSES, LARCENY, EMBEZZLEMENT, TRAFFIC OFFENSES or any other criminal charge, contact the best criminal attorney in Michigan, Patrick Fragel to start your defense.

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