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Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt P.A.

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Honolulu, Hawaii based Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A. is a top law firm with an international reputation for aggressive advocacy and exceptional civil litigation successes.

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  • Failure To Treat
  • Paralysis
  • Organ Failure
  • Wrongful Death
  • Medical Malpractice
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About Kurzban, Kurzban, Weinger Tetzeli & Pratt P.A.

There are many personal injury lawyers across Hawaii, each with their own specialties. Some specialize in vehicular cases, such as car or motorcycle accidents. Others may specialize in premises liability, where personal injury is caused by unsafe conditions on an owner’s property. Mr. Jed Kurzban has his own special focus: Catastrophic injuries. When someone hurts another person so badly that they cannot earn a living, live a functional life, or dies as a result of their actions, he is the lawyer to call. He will get you the justice that you deserve.

Jed Kurzban, Esq., is dedicated to one thing: serving the citizens of Hawaii with their catastrophic injury claims. Whether you’ve experienced organ failure in a Hilo hospital or a catastrophic accident driving down one of Hawaii’s many state routes, you need someone on your side. Medical and funeral costs are very high, and the loss of a wage earner in a family could put that family at risk for living in poverty. That’s why it’s so important to try to get the compensation you deserve in these kinds of devastating situations.

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1003 Bishop Street, Suite 1600 Pauahi Tower
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