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The renowned team of specialist at KONA Group are your business improvement experts. We use proven methodologies and processes to bring your management and sales teams to the next level. Success doesn't just happen, it takes deliberate steps to achieve the success we seek. One of those steps is ensuring your management and sales team has the proper training and tools. KONA Group is here to give you just that.

Our Services

  • Sales training Melbourne
  • HBDI test
  • Disc personality test
  • Sales Management Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Interim Management Services
  • Customer Insights
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About KONA Group

Customer Insights

We know what your customers really want! KONA Group provides data and results based on actual customer and business feedback.

Leadership and Management Development

KONA Group uses our specialised consultants’ experience to formulate programs designed to develop your teams’ skills for success.

Sales Training

KONA Group will train your business in how to develop success based sales strategies and action plans to maximise sales performance.

Interim Management Services

KONA Group can provide interim management services for your organisation.

Our Location:

St George
Sydney, NSW, 2000 AU

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