Complete Neurological Care

Complete Neurological Care

What We Do!

At Complete Neurological Care, our goal is to relieve your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. Our goal is to have you feeling better after your initial visit.

Our Services

  • Board Certified
  • Depression Treatment
  • Knee Hip Joint and Nerve Pain
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  • ADHD Treatment
  • Vertigo Treatment
Phone: 718-544-4200

About Complete Neurological Care

At Complete Neurological Care in NYC (with locations in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and the Bronx), our neurologists’ purpose is to alleviate your discomfort in the fastest, most effective means available by utilizing our most successful diagnostic approaches and delivering our expert treatment procedures. We desire to be your first choice for pain management and neurology services.

Migraines And Headaches
Seizure Disorder
Back/Neck Pain
Therapeutic Procedures
Additional Services
Diagnostic Procedures

Our Location:

112-47 queens blvd, Suite 206
New York, New York 11375 US

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