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Kaijo Shibuya America Inc.

What We Do!

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Ready-to-use or custom designed, Kaijo provides highly reliable, precision ultrasonic cleaning systems and equipment. Kaijo offers a full line of Industrial Ultrasonic cleaners and Hi Megasonic equipment components. Let our engineers help determine the specific requirements of your application or instruct us to work directly with your integrator. Our products are used by many customers in a wide variety of applications to provide highly reliable and precise cleaning.

Our Services

  • Wire Bonder
  • Die Bonder
  • Sound Pressure Meter
  • Sono Cleaner
  • Auto Chaser
  • Water Resonance System (WRS)
Phone: 408 675-5575

About Kaijo Shibuya America Inc.

For over 65 years Kaijo has been a global leader in developing ultrasonic technology for cleaning applications. We provide a full line of ultrasonic products from large industrial ultrasonic cleaners to ultra high purity semiconductor processing systems.

In addition to providing high quality ultrasonic cleaning systems to meet customer requirements, we also focus on helping our clients improve the overall performance of their cleaning systems. For more info visit http://www.kaijo-shibuya.com

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1600 Wyatt Dr #14
Santa Clara, California 95054 US

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