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What We Do!

We are one of a few select LASIK centers in Phoenix, Arizona that offer bladeless eye surgery which is important to faster healing, greater comfort and better vision. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy believe in treating their patients as individuals. They recognize that your vision is precious and they are treating one of your most important gifts, the gift of sight. At Moretsky Cassidy LASIK Vision Correction you will find state-of-the-art technology and experienced, caring staff to assist you in this exciting opportunity to gain more independence from glasses or contact lenses.

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  • Phoenix Eye Doctors
  • Laser Vision Correction Surgery
  • CustomVue LASIK Technology
  • VISX Star S4IR laser with Wavefront
  • KAMRA Inlay

About Moretsky Cassidy LASIK

What is Lasik and Laser Vision Correction Surgery? LASIK eye surgery is one type of laser vision correction that is accomplished by ablation or subtraction of a microscopic amount of corneal tissue.

Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy have practiced together for over 35 years, and have consistently taken care of their own patients during this interim. At Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction, patients can expect to be pre-screened and operated on by the Doctors represented in the organization’s name.

Both doctors have been awarded faculty appointments and teach at medical schools here in Arizona. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy are Associate Professors of Ophthalmology at the A.T. Still University in East Mesa, and Clinical Assistant Professors of Ophthalmology at Midwestern University in Glendale.

Dr. Moretsky was a volunteer for the Mobile Eye Clinic of the University of Arizona, College of Medicine in Tucson. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy participate in FDA Clinical Trials for new design intra-ocular lenses and pharmaceuticals

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2125 W Indian School Road.
Phoenix, Arizona 85015 US

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