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Dr Carl Spivak, MD, Hackettstown, NJ specializes in neurosurgery, pain management, complex spinal surgery, laser spine surgery and minimally invasive surgery. He treats a variety of spine conditions, including spinal stenosis, back pain, herniated disc and sciatica.

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About Executive Spine Surgery

Executive Spine Surgery takes a multidisciplinary approach to spinal disorders combining the best of conservative and operative treatment. We offer a full range of surgical treatments and every effort is made to provide our customers with the least invasive, cutting-edge surgical techniques.You will undergo comprehensive assessment of your problem including history, physical exam and review of imaging studies.

At Executive Spine Surgery, Dr. Carl Spivak specializes in noninvasive alternatives to traditional open spine surgery and back surgery. State-of-the-art techniques and cutting-edge technologies allow safer and more effective treatment options that can significantly reduce the destruction of surrounding tissues. The result is less pain, less blood loss, less inflammation, less downtime and a speedier recovery.

Dr. Spivak offers a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments based on a comprehensive patient assessment that includes imaging studies. All spinal disorders are treated with a minimally invasive approach, and traditional open back surgery is always an option of last resort, considered only after nonoperative and noninvasive treatments have all been tried and found ineffective.

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657 Willow Grove St Suite 402
Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840 US

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