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What We Do!

FlowerCompanies is the online search engine for the floriculture industry, worldwide. You can search for every business partner related to this industry: growers, exporters, importers, wholesalers or flower shops, but also companies who are specialized in: transport, packaging, marketing and other suppliers and (financial) services, like: credit insurance, debt collectors, banks and more. You can find your future business partner here!

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  • Wholesale flowers
  • Wholesale plants
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  • Flower Transportation
  • distribution of cut flowers
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  • Yellow Pages

About FlowerCompanies

FlowerCompanies is the new online search engine for the floriculture industry, including suppliers, services and everything that is related. Nowadays it is very important to be easily found online. In most case, new customers are first searched online. The company that is on top of the search results, has a big step ahead of the companies listed below. Being online visible is actually essential!

At FlowerCompanies you will find growers, traders, exporters and importers, but also packaging companies, transport companies, credit insurers, debt collection agencies, marketing&consulting companies and other suppliers and services worldwide.

By adding keywords to your company, you increase the findability within FlowerCompanies. Companies with a paid profile will be shown first in the search results and have more features. Is your company known at FlowerCompanies? Start searching!

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