Super8 and Regular8 to DVD or BluRay

Super8 and Regular8 to DVD or BluRay

What We Do!

We digitize narrow films (Super 8 / Normal 8), slides and videos.And inexpensive, quickly and at optimum quality - even in HD! Your Super 8 And Regular 8 Films In Full-hd to DVD in SD or BluRay in HD

Our Services

  • Digitization Services: e-film
  • The finishing touches
  • The studio equipment
  • M-Disk
  • video
  • vinyl record
  • tape

About Super8 and Regular8 to DVD or BluRay

We offer the complete range, from the small budget to professional film restoration in broadcast quality.

Therefore, we advise each customer individually through our hotline (no premium rate number!) And then provide you with the ECONOMICAL offer, tailored to your desired use and optimized for your desired technical platform. So much so, that every layman exactly gets no technical knowledge, what he would really have.

To make our customers the best possible deal for digitization in our TV studio, we have set up our helpline 03,512,561,747th We work here in the studio equipment in duty rotation system (shifts) around the clock (messages have no opening times!). Digitisation is an auxiliary branch of the official TV mode during standby in the night shifts. (TV news)

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