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What We Do!

The Ogburn Online School, a regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited private home school offers one of the most flexible options for students in grades 3-12. A self-paced, online program, we believe that each child has different needs.

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  • Online High School
  • Online Elementary School
  • Online Middle School

About Ogburn Online School

The Ogburn Online School is a leading provider of homeschool, online private school education and distance education to students for over 14 years. The Ogburn Online School is an accredited institution offering a completely customized curriculum designed to fit individual needs of every student.

The program is designed for you, as a parent, to determine how much time your child needs to spend on each subject. Whether your child needs to catch up, requires some extra time, or is capable of working ahead, we let you decide. The courses and lessons assigned to your child are available 24/7, and enrollment is year-round.

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1411 South 14th Street, Unit H
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034 US

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