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Des's Driving School

What We Do!

At the hands of professional trainers, Des Driving School offers the excellent opportunity to learn the art of driving at the hand of expert and professional trainers. This driving school will surely teach you to become an expert and professional drivers learning the safe driving skills and ways right for you.

Our Services

  • Driving school
  • Trucks auto/manual
  • Trucks training NSW
  • Trucks assessor
  • Truck driving school
  • Heavy vehicle training

About Des's Driving School

Des's Driving School established since 1991, has been a driving instructor since 1987. One of the best and largest driving in Sydney Metropolitan operate around 100kms radius included the North coast, Sutherland district, South coast Shoalhaven, Batesman bay, Penrith, Blue Mountain, Paramatta District, Blacktown, Bankstown.

Des's Driving School is the smartest, most affordable, friendly, experience, in an enjoyable atmosphere for all students, safety is our priority we make a big effort to maintain superior services to determine your future. So it is an important decision to choose the IDEAL.

In your line of enterprise. As our services exceed expectation to others Our expertise is on heavy vehicle [TRUCKS ] [SEMI-TRAILERS] [FORKLIFTS] [EARTH REMOVING EQUIPIPEMENT][CARS. We have trained thousands of confident drivers which are performing their duty and still carry on their everyday task as safe.

Des's driving school has over 25 years experience in providing top quality professional drivers. Des's driving school is set up to provide the best training that a car driver needs. The quality of education obtained at our driving school is the best in the industry. We offer a mix of experience and dedication that you cannot find anywhere else. Since its establishment Des's Driving school has also been training many truck drivers and heavy equipment operators who are proud of their profession. Des's Driving School's professional truck driving training sets a high standard for excellence in transportation industry across Sydney.

Our Location:

37 lackersteen st
Wollongong, 2540 AU

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