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FD Johnson

What We Do!

FD Johnson is providing expert services in proper maintenance, installation and operation of lubricating systems that are helping companies in their operational success.

Our Services

  • bijur delimon
  • brennan adapters
  • alemite grease pump
  • oil lubricator
  • motor lubrication
  • pneumatic pump
  • lubrication pump

About FD Johnson

FD Johnson symbolizes an 80-year commitment to excellence, ensuring the proper installation, maintenance and performance of lubrication pumps and systems These assets are essential for operational success and innovation across a multitude of new and traditional industries. More to the point, our technical experts understand that lubrication is necessary for all moving parts, thus reducing friction and wear while also eliminating contaminates, and preventing rust and corrosion. Remember, failure to lubricate a pump or system can cause unexpected damage, making the most expensive machinery inoperable and beyond repair.
Also, installing a single point or centralized lubrication system can enhance industrial performance, delivering accurate amounts of lubrication whenever or wherever necessary. By these standards, and with the critical and commercial acclaim of clients throughout the United States, FD Johnson is the major supplier of the most recognizable – and reliable – industrial lubrication pumps and systems. We are proud to feature Trabon, Graco, Farval, and Perma products, among many others...

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1933 Case Pkwy
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087 US

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