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Andy Prozes is a business executive with a track record of effective leadership delivering superior results.

Andy Prozes is a business executive who invests in and serves on the boards of various companies, primarily information and technology companies serving the personal identity, legal, risk mitigation and financial industries, as well as nonprofits.

Our Services

  • Financial security
  • financial analysis solutions
  • human trafficking
  • credit card fraud prevention
  • fraud detection programs
  • anti-money laundering

About Andrew Prozes

Andrew (Andy) Prozes is a business executive with a track record of effective leadership. He has founded, grown and led small and large organizations to generate above market growth and profits.

He has extensive experience in information technology and services and is recognized as an expert in the development of information-based workflow solutions. He currently invests in and serves on the boards of directors of a variety of companies, primarily in the information technology industry, as well as nonprofits and think tanks.

Tapping the power of information and technology can help combat criminal activity and lead to rule of law and better and easier decision-making around the world. Effective anti-money laundering and fraud detection programs, based on international cooperation and transparency of information, are crucial tools in the fight against terrorism, human trafficking and drug cartels and can help promote a strong civil society, economic stability and the rule of law.

Throughout Andy’s life, and specifically over the past decade, he has helped build companies that are taking firm and innovative steps to improve the integrity of information and promote the rule of law around the globe.

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