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Chax Store is your one-stop for your check printing software and accessories. Products include blank check forms, business envelopes MICR toner cartridges, deposit tickets, and check printing software. Our software products include: CHAX: Checks by Phone, Checks by Fax system for receiving your check payments by fax, phone and online, MultiCHAX: Check Printing Software to print accounts payable and payroll checks for QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, QuickBooks Online and more.

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About CHAX

We, at CHAX, Inc. have been supplying check printing software since 1992. Our thousands of customers include many major banks, financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and smaller venues. Our patented technology ensures high quality and bank acceptable output, each any every time.
Since, the early '90s, we have provided retailers, distributors, manufacturers and financial institutions with relief from hearing the common dodge "The check is in the mail," with the release of the CHAX software. The unique software system that provides you with the comfort and speed to expedite payments from your customer. Click the following link for a further review of the Chax check by phone software.
We are now proud to add a new member to our family of cost-effective, secure, and time saving software systems, MultiCHAX. The MultiChax system is the "On Demand" MICR encoded check printing software solution that simplifies check printing using your current accounting software.
Our primary concern for our customers are to provide you with efficient, secure, reliable and cost-effective software solutions, such as CHAX and MultiCHAX.

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5757 W. Century Blvd. Suite 700
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