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Alder Technology provides the best possible service while making it convenient and easy to purchase printers, paper, and ink. We offer professional-grade, wide-format Epson printing equipment and supplies for anyone needing to print posters, signs, art, photos, or proofs from 17” to 64” wide.

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About Alder Technology

The short of it is that we help businesses that rely on color accuracy in any capacity as part of their business workflow to create and produce consistent, state of the art color – period.

Whether you are a printer, publishing company, graphic design firm, or photographer, we can help you create a strategy combining technology and education into your electronic production departments. What does that mean? It means you get enhanced end-to-end control of the variables that affect the quality of printed images. This helps you reduce errors that lead to lost production time and money due to reprints.

If increasing the quality of your work, while saving time and money sounds good to you, then you should call Alder today. We have years of experience on all sides of the printing business.

Bruce brings over 30 years of experience in the printing industry in both production and management at several newspapers, web and sheet-fed plants, color trade shops, as well as with a national supply company.

With hands-on experience in graphic production, prepress production, installation, and training, Bruce brings a unique combination of experience to his work. Bruce set-up and managed the electronic publishing and pre-press functions for The Emporium (a Northwest retail chain) and successfully eliminated all outside pre-press costs including color separations.

Bruce co-founded the Pacific Northwest Color Management User’s Group. He is considered an expert by the printing industry on production workflow and color management. He was one of the first printing professionals to be trained as a GRACoL® Expert and can train GRACoL MasterPrinters™.

In 1993, Bruce started consulting for a national graphics arts reseller and in 1995 went into business for himself as a pre-press consultant and trainer. His consulting business grew and Alder Technology was incorporated in 1999.

Bruce focuses his consulting efforts on specialized pre-press application training, system integration, digital color production, PDF workflow, and process control management. His goal is to provide a service to clients that improves their bottom line and makes their daily operations more effective.

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2100 NW 22nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97210 US

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